Unceded Lives gives us the opportunity to get to know the First Peoples of our region. Through them, we understand and value their cultures and communities.

What is the Unceded Lives series?

This series of short biographical profiles asks members of our Indigenous communities to talk about their connection to their traditional culture, heritage, and identity.

These films ask individuals to talk about what role their traditional cultures play in their lives. And as we listen to people talk about their connection to their culture, we learn about those cultures and how valuable culture is to our sense identity as human beings.

The reasons for the series

Peoples’ stories, their histories, and their views on their cultures are the narratives through which we discover what people truly value. It’s the single most effective way we can get to know our neighbours at a fundamentally human level.

This, and this alone, is the path to understanding and respecting each other both as as individuals and as societies. It’s a way to smash the stereotypes.

This film series creates that opportunity.

Who’s part of this series?

This project involves the people in our Aboriginal communities who want to share their stories as a way to bring each other closer, who want to create a new harmony between peoples by allowing us to embrace them through our differences and similarities as people. We’ll talk to the members of Indigenous communities willing to tell the human stories that connect us. We talk to:

  • Members of the Aboriginal community
  • First Nations leaders
  • Aboriginal community organizations & friendship centres
  • Chiefs & council
  • Artists & musicians

What will people in the series talk about?

During my journalism certification, I was taught to send questions in advance of interviews. The idea was that by preparing someone with pre-interview questions, they’d give richer answers after pondering the questions. But the more work I do with Indigenous Peoples, the more I realize that no list of questions will really suffice. Only a conversation that entices people to listen and to learn about their heritage, culture, traditions, and thoughts on contemporary Indigenous life.

Everything is unique to the people who work with us on our films. They control their story. This is no agenda save getting to know our Indigenous friends and to share that in the most meaningful way possible.

Please take part in this important series.

Your voice, your story, your insight are vital in the process of educating all people about the value and importance of Indigenous culture for our collective future. It has widespread consequences for us a global society, yes, but it also has profound consequences environmentally and economically too.

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