Nations is a series of photographs made on a journey. They are contemporary, unaltered portraits of the ancient stewards of the Pacific Northwest. They reveal the spirit, culture, and essence of the Peoples who have lived in this region for thousands of years.

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A Legacy

The Nations series creates a legacy.

Every Indigenous language and ethnic group in the region now known as British Columbia will be represented in the series [see map]. The project will culminate in a dignified and respectful moveable exhibition that recognizes the history, present, and future of Indigenous peoples here and, by extension, all North America. To accompany the roaming exhibition, a large format book will remain as physical artifact of this critical time in the history of Indigenous peoples: a time of reckoning, and of reconciliation.

Inherent in an undertaking of this magnitude is the profound opportunity to learn, to educate, to connect, and to heal; not just collectively, but as individuals.

Nations is a project that will span the better part of a career. Or, in this case, form a career; it will take years to complete. Perhaps a decade. Maybe more. It is a vital journey, both to record a time of great transition in the history of Indigenous peoples, but to know more deeply the peoples who have long cared for the place the visitor calls home.

A Deeper Legacy

The Nations project also has broader purpose. It will spread the knowledge and the desire for people in each community to create their image on their own terms. Part of the legacy of the Nations project is to teach others the skill and importance of documenting their lives as they experience them. It means offering guidance and mentorship, and it also means giving people the support and the tools they need to create the images themselves.

This kind of work is rewarding and it requires the collaboration of many people; but befriending each individual along the way is the most valuable reward of all. Everyone who contributes to the effort, no matter how small, will be acknowledged during the project’s progress and in the final work. Each portrait in the final collection will also receive a photobook of the series to share with their community.

Help Wanted Needed

Help is needed to achieve the work. While most of the journey will be self-funded, I’m approaching organizations and individuals for assistance.

Every contribution helps, no matter how small. Travel expenses are just one aspect of the project. The book and exhibition will need funding, as will providing pre-owned cameras to the people who want to continue the work in their own communities. Please consider contributing to this legacy. Donations can be made in many forms other than just money: Air Miles donations, used cameras, even items for auction are all just some of the ways you can help.

Please use any of the links below to donate what you can for the effort. All the proceeds and profit from this project will go back into the work of making it all happen.