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11 Apr

Raising the Reconciliation Pole | April 1, 2017

Historically, the Pacific Northwest is home to the most linguistically diverse, wealthy, and sophisticated Aboriginal societies anywhere in the world. And because of the vast natural resources that sustained First Peoples here for thousands of years before recent European or Asian contact, Indigenous people were afforded the opportunity to become prolific artists and story-tellers who shared their wealth and abundance through elaborate cultural ceremonies....

19 Mar

Artists Against Pipeline Expansion Fundraiser | March 18, 2017

Artists Against Pipeline Expansion held their first (inaugural) event at the Russian Hall in Strathcona last night (March 18, 2017). Local and international musicians and poets performed to raise money for the legal cases the Tsleil-Waututh and Coldwater Nations are filing against the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion. The event was mc'd by Renae Morisseau, a singer, musician, actress, and activist and member of M'Girl Music, and Aboriginal women's ensemble. Nearly 200 people came to the hall to hear speakers and performers voice their opposition to the Kinder Morgan oil pipeline expansion the extends from Edmonton, Alberta, across British Columbia and the Fraser...

27 Nov

Fractured Land | Review

A successful documentary achieves one very important thing: it inspires its audience to look deeper into an issue and, if possible, to take some kind of action in support of its cause. Fractured Land, a film by Fiona Rayher and Damien Gillis about a young man's drive to protect his Nation's territory, is successful in that respect. It has inspired people around the world to become more informed about the ongoing damage inflicted by the oil and gas industry in northern BC. Factured Land insists our attention be given to the environmental devastation caused by hydraulic fracturing ("fracking"), an invasive and toxic method energy companies use to...